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Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and it’s never going to die, here is the stupid-simple reason why: “referring works”.

The whole point of a startup is to grow fast.

The difficult part is getting traction while avoiding major uncalculated risks.

The whole point of a startup is to grow FAST while avoiding risks.

Paying For Proven Results
Minimized Risk

Truth or Fiction?

For early stage startups with limited budget, PPC is definitely an acquisition channel you should try and test, but there is no guarantee, you’ll be able to cover your costs and maintain a positive ROI.

The most beautiful thing about startups is the diversity, each industry is different, there is no typical CPA.

The substantial downside is that you’re going to have to pay for each click whether or not your campaign is well optimized, delivering conversions and acceptable CTR.

Using affiliate marketing strategies, you don’t have to assume the risk as long as you have clear steps and goals.

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Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The Difference Between

Success and Failure

It always comes down to data, how much are you willing to spend on users, conversions, transaction & leads, many startups have a business model suitable for this strategy, obvious well-known brands are Netflix, Amazon & Apple.

Brian Balfour painless model for growth ideas, can be used also for affiliate marketing.

Step #1  Observe

  • What your competitors are doing?
  • How are they doing it?
  • Look outside your “micro niche”

Step #2  Question

  • Why..?
  • What if..?
  • What about..?
  • What is..?
  • How can we do more of..?

Step #3  Associate

  • Connecting the dots between unrelated things
  • Try new things you’ve learned

Step #4  Network

  • Build your network of growth people
  • Analyze together your results

Step #5 Do The Work

  • Create a killer organization system that works for you

Affiliate Growth Machine

When it comes to marketing follow this one simple (obvious) rule:

“Do More of What Works”.

Setting up any marketing channel is going to require at least initially time, effort & money, affiliate marketing is no different.

What You Should Know About
Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Lead generation is a $26 billion industry.

The challenge today is being often noticed, being seen nowadays became the close twin to being completely ignored.

We are constantly rushing to the next thing, ignoring completely what’s in front of us.

Visibility without engagement is doomed to fail.

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Affiliate programs are doing extremely well for financial services because the value of each customer is so profitable.

Affiliate Marketing biggest drawback  – You don’t control the message & it might hurt your brand.

Which affiliate marketing strategy is the most effective (for startups)?

For early stage startups using a network is the fastest way to get started, since each network already has so many active members you could start with directly.

The alternative is recruiting affiliates on your own, which takes significant time & money.

Setting up an affiliate program on one of these existing affiliate networks is relatively easy but it’s going to cost you some money.

In case you are thinking about recruiting, start with existing customers, they are already familiar with you and they have a connection with your brand.

Taking it one step further you could offer them in return instead of money some extra features or extend their subscriptions.

Next, try to round up the influencers from different platforms: bloggers, social media, publishers & email list curators (gold).

Affiliate marketing - Round up the influencers & round up the gold

Affiliate Marketing – round up the influencers & round up the gold

You should start building a relationship with them, help them, provide your product for free.
Odds are they’ll review it & provide great promotion, if your product is truly special.

2 Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Never Fail

#1: Coupons

When it’s done correctly coupons can offer great value proposition, explaining why they are so popular.

That’s one of the most efficient & direct ways to drive traffic, if you have the option to use them you should definitely consider it.

#2: Product Review

Providing valuable information to your target audience is a proven way to drive traffic and it’s straightforward.

The blogger writes about a product/service – presenting the features and addressing any concerns, and then includes affiliate link, where the readers can go and buy the product.

Optimize Your Strategies With 2 Simple Steps

  1. Payouts. Keep it simple, know exactly how much you can spend to get a specific action &  keep it well below.
  2. Test different affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, Pepperjam, ShareASale, or more specific networks targeted at your type of product/service.

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