We tend to think we love options.. until we have too many, and we can’t decide.

As marketers, we always try to stay on top, innovate, refine our strategy and get an edge in our competitive niche.

Here are some common options you might be using today to consume your content:

  • Twitter [Feed & Lists]
  • Facebook Feed
  • Newsletters
  • Nuzzel
  • RSS Reader [Feedly, Panda]
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Buzzsumo
  • Medium
  • Communities [Growth Hackers, Inbound, Slack Groups]
  • Reddit

Flip a Coin

Can’t keep up?
Me neither, that’s why I got super excited when I first tested Zest.

Zest.Is Zest: Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content
You might ask, what makes it so special?

It’s a different experience, a better one.
You get to decide everything:

  • 30 diverse marketing categories
  • Filter by date, clicks and shares

Already read too much?
Zest got you covered, filter audio or video content using the same process.
And here is the kicker that really sets Zest apart, It’s actionable.
Create Instantly a Trello card, share it on Slack, or save it to your profile.

Everything you’ll ever need, organized in one place. Your browser.

So here’s what I’ve been doing lately with Zest:

Content Research: Don’t get me wrong, the resources mentioned above are usually good, but they lack focus. I believe the search feature on Zest is the best option to find specific first-rate marketing content. The secret sauce on why it works so well – you can’t rig the system, If it’s not 10x content, it’s not going to be on Zest, the content is suggested by marketers and approved by marketers.

Zest Extension

Writing Content/Inspiration: Battling to find that killer headline? perhaps you want to refine the outline for your next post. Zest is an excellent choice for both.

Actionable Growth Ideas: Reading is useless, unless you test and implement what you learn. Here is one promise we never make: “ I’ll add it later to the board” after 6 emails and 4 push notifications (under 2 minutes, on a good day) you forget everything. That’s why the Trello integration is unique, you’ll add it instantly adding more growth ideas to the board, accelerating your team’s productivity and success.

Yam Regev - Zest
Connect With Masterminds: The Zest community is exclusive, elite marketers from Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, SEMRush & Buffer use Zest daily, giving you a unique opportunity to follow them, view their activity and connect.
Ed Leake - Zest

Having Fun ????: Zest design makes me happy, I can change the UI according to my needs: News mode, Tiles mode or Explore mode, each works great for different scenarios using a sleek design that also let’s me choose a theme (the dark theme is stunning).

Zest: Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content

Zest changed the way I consume content and implement growth Ideas. If you think your current content consumption can be improved you should definitely consider adding Zest to your daily routine.


Why all this talk about of Product Hunt and why you should care:

Product Hunt began as a community-driven leaderboard for tech products that went from an email list to an Andreessen Horowitz-backed company, with a very high-powered audience.

Product Hunt, has also become the go-to website for startup companies launching their new products or businesses.
Product Hunt naturally, also became the place to discover the “next big things” in tech, founders are using it as a launch pad, investors as a hunting ground.

The upside is huge: attract initial users, gain the attention of venture capitalists, traffic, PR, business partnerships, feedback, networking and revenue.

Product Hunt Launch Guide

What does it take to be featured on Product Hunt

Since being featured on Product Hunt can be overwhelming I’ve created this guide, after reading it you’ll know EVERYTHING you need to know :

  • How to create a smart promotion strategy on Product Hunt
  • When is the best time to submit a product
  • How to prepare before the launch
  • How to find your Influencers
  • How to prepare during the launch
  • Getting your website ready for the Product Hunt crowd
  • How to promote your startup after the launch
  • How to maximize your exposure from Product Hunt
  • How Product Hunt really works
  • Critical Product Hunt mistakes you should avoid
  • The best results you can expect

I’ve also prepared an actionable PDF to help you get started including a Google Sheet with all the influencers in the Product Hunt community, you should get in touch with.

Let’s get started,

The Complete Product Hunt Launch Checklist


  1. Learn from other success stories & analyzing Product Hunt data . Is Product Hunt the right launch platform for you?
  2. Choose your launch date – try to avoid obvious other large announcements, Tuesday in most cases should be your best bet, although the competition should be high as well.
  3. Start with reviewing the Product Hunt’s official FAQ, and Pro tips.
  4. Get help for the submission – Product Hunt weights the hunter who posts you, you’ll need him to climb up. The followers of the hunter will be notified by email and Product Hunt notification system.
  5. Craft a killer Tagline.
  6. Customize your landing page – personalization is essential to get more traction during your launch on Product Hunt. The easiest way to set a customized welcome message is to just use IntroBar.
  7. Define your exclusive offer to the Product Hunt community,  give them something free in return. Provide an irresistible offer code on top of the welcome layer.
  8. All hands on deck – The Product Hunt community is very engaged and will give you a lot of direct feedback in the comments, sometimes the interrogation can be tough. Ensure your whole team is prepared to answer some tough questions, fix new bugs answer and implement frequent feature requests over the day. This way, you’ll be able to differentiate your team from other competitors.

Launch Day

  1. Just to be on the safe side, wait 2-3 hours after midnight PST and submit your product.
  2. Send out emails to your lists.
  3. Put up a welcome comment – AMA usually works best, clarify your thoughts behind the creation of the product to the audience. Introduce yourself and the product to the community in the chat, you should also add useful links: video explainer,blog posts or other resources that feature the story behind your product.
  4. Inform users from other channels you follow, about the ongoing discussion in Product Hunt.
  5. Stress-test the site.  Expect spikes in traffic.
  6. Ensure you are visible as the maker, PH separates between Hunters (people who submit the product) and Makers (the ones who actually built it). The Maker needs to be suggested, you should also include your teammates.
  7. Line up your European connections. They’re awake 9 hours before the US, early traction is essential.
  8. Post to your Networks. Be active on social media & Slack.
  9. Setup alerts using Mention.com or Notify.ly
  10. Consider a subtle Twitter/Facebook campaign.
  11. Make sure to link to ProductHunt.com, not directly to your product.
  12. Visualize everything – use emojis, animated GIFs in your comments and prepare to show your stunning design assets.
  13. Pre-prepare your first comment, be ready for the following tough questions e.g your product vs competitor comparison, bugs, missing features etc.
  14. Don’t ask for upvotes – the tricky part, “asking” is forbidden, talking about it and asking your audience to join the conversation is fine. The Product Hunt team wants to value organic product discovery.
  15. High engagement – Comments are part of the algorithm which ranks submissions on the leaderboard. So even though you don’t have the most upvotes your product can still remain on top through commenting and replies. Worship your audience, listen to their feedback and reply to every comment you receive.
  16. Put yourself in a position to learn as much as possible.
  17. Leverage creative ways for people to spread the word about your launch.


  1. Revisit – the next following days, don’t stop engaging, answer everything.
  2. Read the newsletter –  if you cracked into the top 5 you’ll get even more exposure, engagement & traffic.
  3. Engagement beyond Product Hunt – follow your upvoters on Twitter, ask them about their experience, ask questions and start a real ongoing relationship.
  4. Summarize your experience write about it, and be transparent about your results.

Product Hunt Tips & Best Practices

  • Pre-launch build a relationship with  Product Hunt influencers.
  • If you have not been added as a maker on your product, tweet to Product Hunt to get added asap.
  • Tell your followers and email list about your ProductHunt launch.
  •  Send Emails to bloggers.
  • Update your listing with your best design assets to make it more appealing. Animated GIFs tend to do really well.
  • Invite your team members as makers to join the conversation. Make sure to respond to all comments from the community.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Find relevant Facebook Groups and ask them to join the conversation on Product Hunt.
  • Post to slack teams & share your excitement.
  • Ensure you have a great onboarding process.
  • Benchmark your landing page against http://goodui.org .
  • Set up Google Analytics event tracking, for the event sign up.
  • Nail Your Outreach -social proof, could be the difference between success and failure when you launch. Prepared informing bloggers, journalist and influencers, give them an incentive to help you out every upvote, share and tweet could make a real difference. Afterwards circle back to traditional media.


How Product Hunt Works

Ranking algorithm

The ranking algorithm is a secret, but we’ve seen those recurring patterns regularly:

  • Excitement from the community — clicks, post votes, visits & comments are a strong indicator of interest.
  • Weight of the hunter who posts you.
  • Weight of the makers.
  • Do you offer any exclusive benefits to the Product Hunt community?
  • Are you launching something completely new and inspiring?
  • Influential votes.
  • Community upvotes.
  • Time decay.
  • Traffic source.
  • Mod’s blessing.



The new Product Hunt day starts at Midnight PST. Your product need to be up after midnight, sooner is better if you want to accumulate more votes during those 24 hours.

Weekdays are usually better but on the weekend you might have a better chance of being #1 and there is less competition.

The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Where can you find influencers on Product Hunt

How to find your Influencer


A good place to start is UberHunters or –

Why do you need a good hunter?

Good hunters have a reputation for picking winners. Their representation can be huge. Most of them have devoted influential followers, so that’s probably your safest bet to accumulate more upvotes naturally.

So you have a hunter — what do they need from you?


Here is the complete process for submission on Product Hunt

  1. Post something new – Paste a URL
    post new hunt on producthunt
  2. Fill in the information name, tagline, category, topic & status
    post new hunt on producthunt information
  3. Insert design assets: thumbnail (600×600), gallery
    post new hunt on producthunt gallery
  4. Add the makers
    post new hunt on producthunt makers

(On Video)

Promotion on Product Hunt

  • Create a spreadsheet with all the possible supporters. Find them through your contacts, Slack groups and on Product Hunt
  • Send emails to your lists: newsletter, friends & professional contacts.
  • Prepare all the messages for the launch date beforehand so you don’t waste valuable time on the day of the launch
  • Make the Product Hunt algorithm your ally — know when to post and how to gather upvotes from the homepage directly
  • Use Thunderclap.it to create some noise about your Product Hunt feature
  • Upvotes from the homepage will provide more value
  • Genuinely thank people on Twitter, who upvoted you (tip: use animated GIFs)
  • Post on Product Hunt Facebook Group
  • Talk in Slack groups
  • Send visitors from your website or app to Product Hunt
    pop up product hunt
    introbar example product hunt
  • Create a PPC campaign to send more targeted traffic to your 1) Homepage-> 2) Product Hunt
  • Have live chat on your website
  • Talk to people who are on the fence about ordering and close them.
  • Exit intent  popup – capture emails, it works.
  • Retargeting – insert the relevant pixels to lure them back if it’s worth it.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and see what else you can get out of it, besides traffic and revenue.

The best results you can expect  from Product Hunt

I’ve curated the best results other founders were willing to share:

Mailburn launch

Jaco Launch

todo launch

Intellifluence launch

Have you ever wondered how you could import Product Hunt results into Google Doc?

Now you don’t have to wonder:

How To Import Your Upvoters From Product Hunt To Google Sheets Automatically

  1. Make a copy of the sheet
  2. Inspect element while viewing the upvoters would reveal the following URL: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/xxxx/voters
  3. In cell A1 replace xxxx with the product you would like to explore  =ImportJSON(“https://www.producthunt.com/posts/xxxx/voters?offset=0&limit=2000″, “”

The credit belongs to Daniel Baron who taught me how to do that 🙂

* COPY The Sheet (Including Guidance) *


Everything is important finding the right hunter, reaching out, promotion, discussions but nothing will guarantee your success without a great product, if similar products got traction before on Product Hunt, just use the checklist and you’ll be fine, if that’s not case don’t get discourage but don’t count on a miracle, learn from the feedback you’ve received, maybe even get another round on Product Hunt with another version or product. Good luck!


if you’re looking for a startup directory to submit your startup worry not. I’ve compiled a list of 126 startup directories for you to submitted to.

Here is what you’re going to get, after several high quality submissions: reaching new potential users, PR & backlinks.


Startup Directories Funnel


Before The Submission, Develop What’s Unique About Your Startup

Give them a reason to trust you completely, no gimmicks, no hacks.

“Brand is what you need to focus on in order to compete in today’s crowded markets.”

-Hiten Shah

What is your main message?

Think about why someone in your audience would want to tell their network about your Startup – this is where growth happens.

How is your concept interesting? Useful? Meaningful? What about it make the person sharing it, feel better or smarter?


How Should You Pick The Right Startup Directory?

Show up in a place that your audience spend their time, do some research:

  • How they prefer to communicate?
  • What other communities they visit frequently?
  • Why do they need your product?
  • When will they need your product?
  • Who makes the purchasing decisions at their company?


So where should you start?

Free Startup Directories

[su_spoiler title=”126 Startup Directories & Submission Websites” anchor=”Startup Directories”]

Getting Featured On Stompstart
Launch Lister – See Top Product Launches, By Mail.
Mystartuptool – Submit Your Startup
Pre Submit Pitch | World Startup Expo
Rock Health: Join Our Portfolio
Start-Up Chile | Submit Your Application Now!
Startup Dope | Submit News
Startup List: Submit Your Startup! | Startupseattle
Startup Press Release – Submit Press Release – Patron Press
Startup Submission For Review – Techpluto
Startup Submission Wizard: Welcome – Bleepingcomputer.Com
Startups And Shit, Submit
Submit – Costartup
Submit – Startup Toast
Submit — Startup{Ery
Submit — The Stardust-Startup Factory
Submit | Ny Startup Hub
Submit A Free Startup | Wicked Startups – Reviewing Internet Startup …
Submit A Guest Post – Technology, Ecommerce, Startups & More
Submit A Post – Alaska Startups & Entrepreneurship
Submit A Post – Swedish Startup Space
Submit A Startup – Entrepreneur
Submit A Startup – Get Worm
Submit A Startup — Inspired Beta: Discover Early Stage Startups …
Submit A Startup – Launching.Io
Submit A Startup – Thetechpanda.Com
Submit A Startup | Launching Next
Submit A Startup For Review – Marketing Extremist
Submit A Startup To Allstartups.Info
Submit A Video | Startup Videos
Submit An Article – Startupnigeria.Net
Submit Campus Startup | Aapka Times
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Submit Idea | Uwm Student Startup Challenge
Submit Press Release – The Startup Register
Submit Startup – – Bloggersideas
Submit Startup – Arabcrunch… Arab Tech Arab Startups
Submit Startup – Betalist
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Submit Startup / App & Reach Out To Hundreds & Thousands Of Tech …
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Not enough, want some more (450+ More Websites)?